Traci Huggans

Digital Marketer & Website Developer

Digital marketing is my business, and creativity is my game! Staying proactive and efficient is my pursuit, but being organized is necessary. Web development is my enterprise, and video editing is my fun! Traveling is my adventure, but placing myself in other’s shoes, and being empathetic is my nature.

I love marketing because the industry is always changing. Marketing is a constant challenge for acquiring more skills and pushing your creative boundaries. I have my brand but also embrace brands I work for as my own.

I design websites, chatbots, graphic design, video editing, create digital marketing content, and social media management!  I like to work with small business owners because I am a small business owner.  Providing the world with unique businesses and helping them to grow their business digitally is what get’s me going!

With more than three years of experience as a virtual and digital designer, I continuously emerge myself in the digital world daily. I love taking on multiple jobs for other companies, friends, and family, so my skills continue to build. As the Chief Creator Officer and Owner of Trace Digital Designs, I have found an outlet to be fully creative in multiple platforms for location independence to live life to the fullest.

WordPress Development, Design & Re-design

Additional design and management in Woocommerce and Elementor. Custom coding with HTML and CSS skills.

Weebly Design & Re-design

Squarespace Design & Re-design

Design & Re-design

Virtual Assistant Services

Social Media Platform Building, Content Creation & Scheduling Management

Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn Twitter, and YouTube.

Video Design & Editing

Proficient in Adobe Premiere, Adobe Spark, WeVideo and YouTube management.

Graphic Design

Proficient in Canva, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom, and Adobe InDesign

Global Platform Management

Proficient in TripAdvisor,, Expedia, Airbnb, Triptease, Tableagent, and VBRO.

Email Marketing

Proficient in Mailchimp, Constant Contacts, and more.


Fun Facts About Me

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